Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving squared

This year, we traveled to Palestine on Thanksgiving day and back in the same day - then had Thanksgiving again Friday evening at our house. It was nice to see everyone but also a little stressful as well.
After we ate on Thursday, it was time to put food into containers and get everything put away. Something we always make fun of grandma for is her constant accumulation of containers. She saves cool whip ones, butter, anything. I couldn't find her stash for a moment and then she said "look under the sink!" So when I did I found....
More containers than most people have. Ever. Also - don't think I am kidding when I tell you those measuring cups have been around since I was a child - and probably before...
Here are all the guys in the family. Lee looks thrilled to be taking a photo doesn't he?
From the left - Uncle Terry, Lee, Cody (friend of the family), Adam (Audrea's Husband), Josh (my cousin's half brother), Billy, Bryant, and PapaMe, Grandma, Sabre (Uncle Terry's wife) Justine (Bryan't girlfriend) Katelyn (Billy's kid) and Audrea. The girls are a little out numbered...
After picture taking, it was time to EAT!

I made the pumpkin pie and Sabre made a cherry pecan crumble and a pecan pie. Somehow, after eating, we managed to drive home without falling asleep!
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