Monday, November 23, 2009

New Monopoly

Last night, after a yummy dinner, we played the new Monopoly City Streets. I had heard it had cooler buildings, but it was a pretty different game overall!You have totally different buildings, but the money is different (there is a 5million dollar bill rather than 500). In fact, instead of $1's, you get $10k. So it just makes it feel different. The pieces are different, the names on the board and general look of the board is different too.
Don won. but it was pretty close between him and Lee. Donald and I just scraped by with the ending time! Otherwise, unless someone landed on that one property you own that would put you back in the game.. we were toast!

Here is what the board looked like when we were done.And here is a birds eye view.
It's really fun and I highly suggest this for game night with your friends! As usual, you start to run out of pieces for buildings, but i am sure that could be worked out...

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