Monday, May 31, 2010

My favorite bookstore

I have a place in town that centers me the moment I walk in.

Murder By The Book.

It's a little indie bookstore that only carries murder/mystery/espionage/paranormal books. It's all I read in one little store. In fact, Charlaine Harris (the True Blood writer) knows everyone there and some names of characters are after people who work there. (Dean the dog, there is a person who works there named Dean!) and they all knew her before the first book was published. Cool no? (um YES!)
When you walk in, you see this rack of books and it's all suggestions by the people who work there. What's nice is, once you get to know them and they get to know you, you can go to the shelf of the person you click with the most and know you will grab something up your alley.
My person is Anne (funny enough..) and recently she CALLED ME and told me she just read this book and knows I will love it and was going to set it aside for me.
When I walk in this store, and she is there or sees me, I am immediately handed no less than 3 books and he is smiling from ear to ear. I cannot walk out with less than 3. In fact yesterday, it was 4.
I know.It's a quaint store with little nooks all around for you to pop a squat and check out a book.I believe that chair is in the Sherlock Holmes section.
But my favorite day to go is on Sunday. Because Anne brings her Pugs!
The owner has a little fluffy dog that is there on weekdays, but the pugs are my pals. They are just so sweet.
I now have 4 books I need to get to.
And 2 or 3 waiting for me when I walk in the store again.
Probably next month. :)

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Amber and Trey Collins said...

That is the reason little book stores are awesome! The big ones are so impersonal