Monday, June 22, 2009


Meet Alfred:This is Teddy's "friend."If by friend you mean you like to pick them up in your mouth and bring them into the house.
I believe that Teddy is way more eager than Alfred to play. I came to this conclusion when I went outside to find Alfred after Teddy's attempt to bring him inside a second time (my scream caused Teddy to release Alfred) and he was hiding behind Lee's grilling supplies next to the house.
There have been many late night attempts to find Alfred, in very thinly veiled "I need to pee" excuses. We don't buy that excuse anymore and hopefully that brings him some peace while he hunts down bugs and such.
Welcome to the family buddy.


Donald said...

Alfred... man, you need to get a film crew in your house with a reality tv show...

The Riddle Family said...

Holy good god that is about the largest frog I think I've ever seen! Tell little Teddy to be very careful because those large toads can be poisonous!