Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Bedding!

Place: West Elm
Colors: Ivory and slate blue/grey
Items: Pin-tuck duvet, blanket, sheet set, throw blanket, and throw pillow. The sweater pillow is adorable, but they were out of fills for it so she ordered me one! I can't wait to fall asleep on it and wake up with some awesome patterns in my face..
The only downsides - if you tug the duvet too hard, you can hear some of the little pin-tuck spots rip a little. and the puppies got on the bed and decided they MUST dig new spots and the blue blanket between the duvet and the sheets snagged really easily.
Otherwise - so happy!

Please imagine the walls the same color as that throw blanket. That's the next step to bedroom makeover this month!

Off to Puerto Rico!


Andry said...

Nice collection of Bedding Sets for decorating your bedroom in a modern way.

The Riddle Family said...

It looks awesome Bre!