Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Debacle 2010

In almost 5 years of marriage and almost 8 (9?) years together... I have never once had Lee dislike my hair. Now, I know you would think that is because he didn't say something. But if you know him, you know he doesn't NOT tell you his opinion.

Friday, I wanted a change and had my hair dyed dark brown. Super dark. I loved it in the salon. I loved it driving home. I started to second guess it a few hours later.

Then Lee came home.

"I didn't know you were doing that today..."
"It's shorter too!"

I added these three together, figured it out, and started to bawl like he had kicked my grandmother in the shins.

"What's wrong?!!!"
Then.. the words that sent me over the edge...
"It's just, you had such pretty blonde hair this morning and I ...."

Lee: oh man... I messed up.. oh man...

This went on, about 30 good minutes.

I panicked. I texted Justin, my beloved hair stylist.
He came in, on his day off that Sunday, and threw some highlights in it.
I handed him a wad of cash and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

I get home, Lee is gone.
He came home with these (for Valentines day):

Then he said "your hair looks MUCH better!"
And I did my best not to cry all over again.

Love him.


Tiffanie said...

Don't worry, I will kick Lee in the shins the next time I see him! :)

Doesn't he have some gray hairs he needs to cover up?

Transplant said...

I'm sure you look great both ways!!

Sabrina Bowen said...

Just another way men are like children...most of the time they can't really control what comes out of their mouths. I'm sure it looks great! I loved it when you went dark before...makes those gorgeous eyes of yours pop! :)