Monday, February 22, 2010

Hola Madre!

I call my mother Madre. I have for years. Until Thursday night, I had not seen my madre since JULY!! WHAT?
So she is here and we have been on an extravaganza of food and fun!

Friday: First up breakfast, then HAIR! I took her to see Justin at Traci Scott Salon. Justin is my sweetie pit hair guru that puts with my hair-mood-swings. Love him.Ain't she purty?
We also had pedicures, and did the whole deal with hot stones and wax. Woohoo!
Saturday: Shopapalooza. Galleria style.We made this list at Starbucks on a break - where we talked to a girl with her 1 year old boy and how he was the devil as a baby. Yeah - didn't freak me out one bit. *panic attack!*
After our 5 hours in the Galleria, we succeeded in buying jackets at Chico's, and walking walking walking. We stopped for lunch at Gigi's Dumpling house, which had an awesome chinese cherry blossom piece in the dining area:
Yesterday we got mom all up to date with an iPhone, then hit target and found the perfect black pants (after HOURS at the evil Galleria with nothing to show for it!), and went grocery shopping.

Tonight we are going to just take it easy and she is heading out in the morning. But this time, not 7 months will go by, I swear.

Wanna see what we have been eating? Check it out here.

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