Saturday, February 27, 2010

Divorce Court

Looking for a reason to get a divorce folks? I have the best and speediest way to get those papers under way.

Hang blinds together!

I wanted plantation shutters, however, those are about the most expensive (yet purty) window treatments around. I settled for white wood blinds. Why are they shut on the bottom? The dogs. This way, I can open the top for sun and breeze and push the bottom ones shut so the dogs can't see out and beat the windows when someone walks by. (it will only look like this when we are home. when we are gone I will close them completely.)

I will order some panels to go up later on. Lee and I need to drink some wine, eat some steak, and repair our relationship after hanging these up.

Then tomorrow, hang about 9 more sets (at least all single windows, not 3's!)

More wine might be needed.

For now, the Amazing Rhythm Aces are calming my nerves while Lee chooses to shoot people on his PS3 for relief.


Brodricks said...

Amen Sister! That is why I kick Matt out and I do it all on my own!!!

Sabrina Bowen said...

Totally agree. Also putting together furniture/toys/etc. will do the same.