Friday, January 6, 2012

What Happens When I Try To Nap

Setting: Home. Logan is in his crib and has just fallen asleep. This normally means there are 1.5-2.5 hours for me to either do whatever I want, or also try and take a nap. Before Logan, I could yawn once and pass out for 3 hours and still go to bed at 10 or 11. Now, a nap is nearly impossible unless I am sick.

Many things happen when I try to take a nap. The asshole dogs next door bark at the wind. My phone vibrates with text messages. My own asshole dogs bark at squirrels out the back door.

Most of the time, what stands between myself and a nap is my own mind, going 150 miles an hour, no matter how tired I feel when I lay down. I am sure it looks/sounds a little something like this.

Ok so I have about an hour or so to nap that would be so nice if I could actually nap fall asleep fall asleep you never know how long you have to sleep because he could wake up I hope dinner turns out good tonight because I worked really hard on it and i need to stop trying new things with guests because it usually sucks and i am apologizing for it instead of looking amazing speaking of i am so glad i have lost 13 pounds but i am pretty scared i am about to gain it all back i wonder if those clothes in the garage still fit i would need a red cardigan to go with that skirt if it does where do i find a red cardigan that would be cute for valentines day wait am i too old for valentines day being all married with a kid now i really want some chocolate i wonder if that movie is done burning at the computer i need to assign the artwork to it gotta get to Star gotta get to Star gotta get to Star i freaking hate that commercial and the jingle gets stuck in my head all day and it's too expensive to really shop there anyway and I always feel like I am settling for lesser furniture than i really wanted i wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad buy all of the things i never had i need to read the lyrics to the rap part of that song but i know he says something about Oprah and i do own the glee version in itunes i wonder if that movie is done burning yet so i can start the other one oh my god my phone is buzzing again what it's been 30 minutes since i laid down oh my god may i should just get up and drink coffee since i never finish a cup when he is awake i wish I was Lola she is always asleep oh screw it I am up...

How about you? Good napper?



Anonymous said...

I don't nap unless I'm sick.


Karen Greenberg said...

Oh, I remember those days when my girls were young enough to take naps themselves. I always WANTED to nap but never could. For the same reasons. Our minds, as moms, are constantly going 150 different directions. I'm amazed we get any sleep at all!

Anonymous said...

You deserved that "rest"!

Amanda C. said...

Maybe you should try to meditate to turn your thoughts off. I also have the problem with the a-hole dogs (mine included) barking.