Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012...and the appearance of zombies

As an avid fan of all things zombies (even before the recent trendiness of it) I have often discussed with Donald how we would all survive in the event of a zombiepocolypse. Now with this whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing, this seems to come to my mind a lot.

Plus Sara's post on Facebook made me laugh out loud:

While watching The Walking Dead a few weeks ago, I started thinking about how that pregnant chick is pretty screwed while being pregnant during the apocalypse.

Seeing how pregnancy can suck sometimes even in a perfect society, I have come up with a list of reasons it would suck to be pregnant during a zombie apocalypse.

  1. You can't exactly
 2. There won't be any more leisurely shopping trips to the mall when it's 180 degrees outside.
But there was a sale at Pea and the Pod!
 3. Want to take a walk around the block? I wouldn't advise that... It's a little worse than a mailman being harassed by a chihuahua.
Damn ankle biters!

4. Zombies are just gross!
How YOU doin?
No meds for you!

While being a survivor sans baby would be hard enough, at least you could concentrate on turning your new wee one into a major zombie killin machine. Did you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Those girls were awesome.

Looks like Lee and I better get Logan into an archery class asap...



Chloe Deverill said...

I hate zombies!
They are creepy. and gross.
And they make me have nightmares!
Please, don't tell me 2013 will be the zombies' year...

Em S said...

Infant archery...I'd like to see that...and for a good purpose and all.

Donald said...

Speaking of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"... they've got a fun little iOS game-app. You run around slashing/kicking/punching zombies.

Is it wrong to kinda want the zombie apocalypse to happen?

Joshua said...

I love me some zombies. Can't wait for the zombie apocalypse. I'm so ready.