Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Ideas - Your Comments - Round 1

Ok guys, you really gave me some great ideas so I will get started with a few this morning.

Last week I asked for some inspiration and Joshua over at Vive Le Nerd chimed right in! He asked first for the "How we met" post. I emailed and let him know I had already done this recently, but I decided to post up links in case anyone else has been wanting to read it.

Part 1 - And then they meet

Part 2 - Put a ring on it already!

Part 3 - Moving and Planning

Part 4 - Parties and Showers and Lay Offs

Part 5 - He's Gonna Marry Me

Then he asked - Who was your first celebrity crush?

This is going to really date me and show you the times I grew up in, but he first crush I remember is:

Corey Haim
This is pre Meth and drugs - this is the Corey with the crooked smile and awesome hair and blue blue blue eyes.
I most vividly remember his movie, License to Drive, with the other Corey and Heather Graham

Everyone remembers his movie Lost Boys

He did a really strange movie with the Other Corey, Dream a Little Dream

I notice when everyone mentions body swapping movies, they don't bring up this one.

When I think back on Corey Haim, I don't really think about the older Corey who just lost track of his life. I think of teen magazine Corey:
I mean look, he is way cuter than the other folks on the cover!

Until now - I mean wow Johnny Depp... but back then, not so much.

I love this idea so much that I want to know, who was your first celebrity crush??



Joshua said...

I used to watch "License to Drive" all the time. That and "Airborne" while skating around the house in rollerblades.

If you've seen it, that would make sense. And you should see it.

Mollie said...

Mine was Fred Savage.

Matt said...

Mine was Whitney Houston