Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday

This week, I am ever thankful it's finally Wednesday which means we are that much closer to Friday!
And Friday this week is date night. Oohh la la!

This week I wanted to share a few things I am L-O-V-I-N!

First is Plum Organics Baby Food.

First these little pouches are super easy to open and dispense food from. I hate the little plastic containers from Gerber, as they spit foot at you when you open them. The jars seems so wasteful even though we recycle - and they take up tons of space in the pantry. These are easy to throw in a bag and run out the door. Especially if you have...

The Boon Spoon!

This thing is one of the "Why didn't I think of that!?" inventions that I love. You simply screw it to the pouch of food and squeeze and feed!
Since I have had to feed Logan in the car a number of times, this makes it easier than hauling around a spoon and bowl and thing of food.

With this makes you sweat like a pig wonderful heat, I have found a newfound love in strawberry lemonade. We pick up fresh lemonade at Central Market and I cut up strawberries into it and... yummmmm...

Even better is eating those strawberries when you are done with the juice.

Lastly, although most important these days, I am loving the Starbuck's Double Shot:

Source: I googled it...
Now - they have a canned version but it doesn't compare to this, although I love the canned ones in a pinch. Basically this is an "iced americano with classic cyrup and cream."
Yes. Cream.
Heavy Cream.


To beat the heat and clear my head in the mornings, this is a wonderful treat.
And there's protein in the cream so... that counts as breakfast.

What are you loving?



Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

Yay for this baby food and spoon! Gotta get some.

Joshua said...

I'm loving that both of my kids slept through the night last night. I needed the sleep.

Chloe said...

WOW that baby food and spoon is great!
Too bad I'm not a baby, because I would have bought one of those for me! haha

Carri said...

Now I'm jonesing for a Starbucks!

Carlin said...

i just LOVE plum babyfood and the attachable spoon!!!! It is the best!!!!!