Thursday, August 4, 2011

Old Blogging Throwbacks

Here are some more oldies from my LiveJournal days.

I have road rage.. always have...

Jul. 19th, 2005 | 07:13 pm
  I feel...:  silly
   Noise in my head...: Gilmore Girls rerun on WB

 Donald and I have a very interesting way of talking on the phone. Since we both have road rage, we are often yelling in between sentences. Here is an example:
Bre:Hey what's up? [MOVE minivan!!!]
DonaldNot much, just driving home [Are you *&#*(@ stupid?]
Bre:That's cool. Anything going on tonight? [I will ram your ass and burn up your car with a blow torch! Move!]
Donald: Not really. Just going to hang out with the dogs and finish Harry Potter. [Oh my GOD!]
Bre:Yeah, I am going to the grocery then home. [I will laugh when your face hits the steering wheel after I ram your ass if you don't speed up!!!!!]
Donald: Sounds fun.
Bre: Is it wrong to laugh at the mental image of this idiot's face hitting the steering wheel when I slam into them? [They haven't even started loading thier groceries! Are you kdding me?]
Donald: Yes, hehehehehehehehehehehheehe But I am laughing as I say that! Hahahahahaha [Were you dropped on your head? ]

So as you can see, we just talk away, ignoring one another's raging comments like they weren't even said. 


 I am NOT a morning person...

Sitcom Idea

Sep. 7th, 2005 | 12:54 pm
I feel...:  hungry
Noise in my head...: Agents talking
I have a great idea for a sitcom.. and I want everyone's opinion.. This is taken from actual experiences
The name would be "Morning People" and would star a blonde girl and a skinny, short, red headed boy..

Pilot: [setting is 7:15am on a regular weekday, scene starts in the living room]
Girl: [walking through the living room] *mumble mumble shuffle shuffle grunt*
Boy: *bounce bounce* GOOD MORNING!!!! I HAVE HAD 14 CUPS OF COFFEE ALREADY!! *bounce bounce*
Girl: *glare*
Boy: ooooh, what's wrong? *pinches girl's cheek*
Girl: *severe glare* *glaces at the hot iron in front of her and raises her eyebrow*
Boy: hmm... *pours more coffee* *stands and stares at girl and smirks, thinking this is a good idea*
Girl: WHAT?
Boy: *giggle*
Girl: How was your get together last night?
Boy: Oh it was great! *blah blah blah blah [span 10 minutes] blah blah blah*
Girl: How long have you been up?
Boy: About an hour and a half, why?
Girl: I have been up 10 minutes...
Boy: um.. ok.. *sprints back to his room*

I think this sounds quite amusing.. does it sound familiar to ANYONE? :)

Luther was the best dog anyone could ever have...

Long life, large heart 
Feb. 7th, 2006 | 11:00 am
I feel...:  hysterical
Noise in my head...: complete silence
Well, i could sit here all day and try to think up something really meaningful and inspiring to say about what i just went through not more than one hour ago, but I think if i just say what i feel, everyone will appreciate that more.
My Luther is gone. a.k.a. Luie, Luis, Luther-duther, Luie-booie, Sweet Boy, and Yummy. I cried all the way to the car, i cried all the way there, i cried in there (but not in an embarrassing way), I watched my best friend in the whole world drift off to sleep, and then i lost my mind in the car on the way home. I believe we will have to get back in the car and go find it later.
Lee was really wonderful and let me just cry and make as much weird noises as I wanted to, but kept me from hyperventilating and throwing up. There are times I wonder if i am going to far, but how can one measure how hard/loud/long they should grieve?
Enough about me. This is about him.
I got Luther in September of 1989, which means I was a whole 9 years old. Luther has seen me go from tomboy (which was fun for him I am sure), to woman. We had many days in the creek, riding the bike, running around the neighborhood. We had many naps on the bed, walks down the street, and snoring on the couch. He loved everyone he met. He tolerated most other animals that came and went through our lives. Lastly Lilly, whom he even let sleep in his bed with him on cold nights. He shared the couch with her too. I do wonder if she will start looking for him. Luther lived 17 wonderful, fun filled years. He has been all over the US and back.

My heart hurts because a piece of it is gone.

Luther will always be: Funny eyebrows, wet nose, frito feet, tennis ball fuzz in the teeth, snoring on the floor next to my bed, and looking at me with those trusting eyes. That is, if you could see them under those crazy eyebrows.
I can't believe he is gone, and i can't believe how very badly it hurts to lose him.


Because I can't leave everyone on a sad note...
(I should explain, "Montrose" is the area of Houston that has all the gay bars...)
(yes, another IM convo between me and Donald.)

Up too late...
Jun. 9th, 2006 | 11:28 pm
  Where am I?: couch
   I feel...:  sleepy
   Noise in my head...: Lime in the coconut - Henry Nilsson
brechiese: oh move your ass back to Fern Gully and get over it!
dprlynch: can't - it got bulldozed
dprlynch: and burnt down
brechiese: no, they saved it at the end, remember?
dprlynch: You didn't see the sequel.
dprlynch: "Ferngully 2: Burn the Bitch Down"
brechiese: well i liked that movie
dprlynch: you liked the sequel?? you sick twisted fuck
brechiese: yeah, i liked watching all the fairies run around flaming.. made me think of Montrose
dprlynch: LOLOLOLOL
dprlynch: "ooh girl, bright orange is SO your color!"



Donald said...

And these were typed while sober...

Anonymous said...

These are quite telling. Also, I'm calm and collected when I have the kids, or anyone else, in the car, but when I'm alone, I'm rocking out to loud music and yelling for people to get out of my way. I mean, seriously, how dare you be on MY road, people?!

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Lol, love your rages you guys:)

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