Monday, August 1, 2011

A trip to Target

Thursday, after I picked Logan up from school, we headed to Target. I was low on baby food and a few other things and had not had time in the week to go on my lunch break. With Logan sitting up now, it is tons of fun taking him to the store so he can sit in the cart like a big kid!

Gotta get some grub!
He was so funny, just looking around and chewing on the straps (and eventually the cart. I know I know.)

Ooooh, can I have a Xbox?
While standing in line, I was staring at the magazine longingly curious. I started reading headlines and thinking about how insane they are.

Here is one:

Why is Charlie Sheen still news? He is bat shit crazy, always has been. She regrets her boob jobs? Maybe because she had... multiple?
Up in the corner - Bachelorette says yes! Of course she does... she is desperate! I actually was proud of Jen Shefft for being honest and not getting engaged just because she was on the show.

Next up:

Source: I do not read this site! Just snagged the photo
You want jeans that make you slimmer? Put on some spanx. I currently live in mine... damn frumps. Also, putting a photo of uber skinny Heidi doesn't make me think it's the jeans....

Apparently News:

Source: One of my favorite sites, btw.
Desperate to be skinny... other than when she was healthy on Dawson's Creek, has she not even been skinny? This is news? Also - Hill's chick Kristen was not jilted at the alter. The engagement was called off. However it's interesting she had a photo shoot, a la Carrie Bradshaw.


REALLY? The article says they have spoken a few times. Well I would say that since they were once engaged and have made movies together, they are friends and he has called to ask her how she is doing since the divorce. See at the very bottom? Ryan has a nude scandal? Hmmm.....

Lastly, the kicker:

I will admit, I am not watching this season. I didn't like her at ALL with Brad. She was too squeal-y. EVERY SINGLE SEASON there is a "scandal" and someone still loves their Ex. Frank rocked this by waiting until he was in Tahiti or whatever before telling Ali. Nice move. Could they have found a more unflattering photo of the ex?
Inside the twins world: They are richer than rich.

What do you think about magazine headlines these days?



Donald said...

Love the cart pictures. Makes me think of when we'd go to the store as kids and talk Mom and Dad into letting us ride on the bottom part of the cart. :)

And don't go thinking that the old game systems stored in the closet aren't finding their way back into a pair of mini-Nash hands. His first Mario Kart...

As for the magazines...they're stupid. Even as much as I dislike Jennifer Anniston as an "actress"...the magazines have kept up this drumbeat for YEARS about problems between her, Brad, and Angelina...and there's no scandal or issue there. Stoopid!

blueviolet said...

I kinda take them with a grain of salt because you know they totally blow the truth up beyond what it is. And I HATE this season of The Bachelorette. I think she was the worst choice ever!

averyswifeliz said...

I agree...terrible choice for Bachelorette. I stopped watching this season after seeing a preview. It was just too ridiculous!

Joshua said...

The evidence would be completely irrefutable that he's a moron of the first degree if Ben Affleck cheats on Jennifer Garner.

Sarah said...

I'm really tired of all the grocery store rag mags... they seem to just recycle their stories and blow thing out of proportion. They're always talking about the same 10 people. It'd be more interesting if they used their time to tell some more interesting stories... true ones... about people doing some positive stuff. I mean... seriously? How does "Ben talks to J.Lo" qualify as "news?" Who cares!

MamaMash said...

I'm so out of the loop on the gossip mags. My mom had one the other day and I swear, I did not recognize anyone's name!

Nearly Not Quite said...

Target is my most favourite place IN.THE.WORLD. Forget Disney, just give me Target!

The cart pictures - could he be any cuter?

I have nothing to add on the gossip magazines - I haven't read one in so long I'm not sure I even know who those people are :)

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Carri said...

Cute pics of your little man!
I love US Weekly but I kind of hate myself for that. Whatever. I'm going to keep reading.