Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Face!

Heyyyyyyyy-o! It's Friday!
It's the first Friday of the month so today is Friday Face! 

If you meander over to the sidebar, you will see a fresh button under Button of the Month - Sunshine State Transplant. 

I met Sarah very briefly a few years ago when one of Lee's best friends came to visit from Florida. I liked her right away but didn't get to spend much time with her until at least a year later. 

Now we have been through a road trip, rained out concert, and tons of emails and facebook.

Everyone - meet the FAAAAAAABULOUS Sarah!

 *cue applause*
1. You are the Queen of Sunday Funday! Tell me what you favorite Sundays are like.

My perfect Sundae involves 3 scoops of rocky road ice cream, bananas and...wait.  You said Sunday?  Not Sundae.  Ok let's start over.  I have to say, being landlocked for so long growing up in the tippy tip top of the Texas Panhandle makes you really appreciate the fact that there are places where the ocean actually touches the land.  Hands down, my favorite Sunday is a beach day.  The best ones are in April or May, when the weather is warm enough to hang out outside but the kids in the area aren't out of school yet so the beach is completely deserted.  Brett and I normally take a cooler (full of craft beer of course) and a football and spend the day alternately laying out and playing catch.  It's so relaxing to be by the water and the whole time we've lived in Jacksonville and been a couple, the beach has been a huge part of our courtship/relationship and will play a big part in our wedding.  That's my favorite place in the world right now.  
2.What book are you currently reading?

These days you'll be lucky to catch a real book in my hands.  Brett got me an iPad for Christmas which makes it so easy to read anywhere because it fits in my purse.  Yes, I have a pretty big purse.  My Mom, Sister, Granny and I all share a Kindle account so whatever they buy I read normally.  We all have similar taste - which means we all will read almost anything we pick up.

It's nice because when we used to travel to see each other we would bring books to trade along with old stories and play all-night Scrabble games.  Since I moved to Florida, it's much harder to get home to see everyone so this is kind of the same thing, only virtual. And minus the Scrabble.  The book I just started reading on the iPad is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  I have had a weird interest in the Holocaust since my freshman year of college at Baylor when I read Treblinka by Jean-Francois Steiner.  That one's not a light read but it's worth it.
3.Tell me about the name of your blog.

My blog name is really about my journey through life up to this point.  I have had this same blog since January of 2009 (Thanks Blogger Profile for that tidbit of info!) but I just really started seriously blogging about a year ago or so.  I grew up in a tiny town north of Amarillo, Texas and left for college at Baylor the minute I graduated high school.  Two years into school there, I decided that it wasn't right for me (for many different reasons) and on Spring Break of my sophomore year I decided I was going to move to Florida to attend Florida State.  That was March of 2004. By mid-May I had completely packed up my life, rented a crazy summer sublease from someone I never met (and still haven't met, strangely enough) and transplanted my self into a city and state where I didn't know ANYONE.  Looking back, it took some serious cojones to do that.  Chalk it up to youth, I guess.  I've always considered myself a die-hard, lifelong Texan (as every good Texas girl should) but in the last couple of years I can see the Beach-Boys listenin', sand in the hair, freckle-faced Floridian part of me peeking out more and more.  And I don't think that's a bad thing at all!
4. I have to ask... can you tell us a teeny bit about your wedding and honeymoon plans?

Let's see - the wedding ceremony is on the beach with the reception at a beach house about 45 minutes from where we live.  Although you might have already been able to figure that out yourselves... Ummm, I didn't originally want to have bridesmaids due to the planning nightmare it usually is.  I think I still have PTSD from working at David's Bridal for 3 years in college.  We weren't going to have any attendants but then Brett told me wanted to "have his guys stand up there with him" and I thought that was so sweet that I couldn't say no.  All said and done, I ended up with SEVEN bridesmaids.  Go big or go home, right?   We're planning on having a few fun surprises and mostly just a really relaxed, laid back vibe.  The majority of our friends and family are coming from out of town so we want to be able to facilitate a fun Florida vacation with as little hassle to everyone as possible - and get married in the meantime!
5. Everyone knows my life is crazy with Lee, what about yours with Brett?

Life with Brett is always a little nutty.  Since he works in sales, we get to do some really cool things but I usually get notified at the last minute.  I'll get a call at work around 3pm like, "Hey!  I have tickets to see Kings of Leon in St. Augustine - the concert's at 7pm.  You wanna go?"  And I pretty much always say yes because who am I to miss out on an adventure?  Our life is so fun - I mean, we have our squabbles just like everyone else but we're obscenely happy the majority of the time which makes life so much easier.  The best part of the day is coming home to your best friend.

 Everyone, I hope you enjoyed meeting Sarah and will hop on over and visit!

Sunshine State Transplant

Have a great weekend!



Sarah said...

Thanks girl!!! Happy Happy Happy Friday!!!

Lee said...

Oh wow. Friday face about one on my favorite people in real life! This is gonna be a good day fosho.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

How fun! I'm off to check her out now. great feature.