Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Organized and it feels so... clean?

 Meagan, over at Honey We're Home, has been posting about organizing around her house. This inspired me and gave me some ideas when I hit my limit on Monday with the house being a wreck.

When you add a mini person to your home, you don't quite understand at first how much stuff they require to be happy. Also, I am the person that buys at least one new toy each week trip to Target.

This week, I tackled the Kitchen. Between the Living Room and the Kitchen, it's hard to say which room we spend the most time in. Each are cluttered and need some help for sure.

First there is the Bench. Which is a wonderful storage option, but a slight pain to use every day:
I hope the top doesn't cave in....

 It is a catch all during the week for baby bags, my purse, etc...
Then there is everyone's favorite.. the junk drawer. Everyone has one. Everyone ignores it until the 100th time they couldn't open it because something was stuck...
Here, I have emptied it out so that I can get rid of some stuff and re-purpose the drawer.

Need a cuzy? How about one of 4 pairs of scissors?
 I turned my attention to finding a drawer in the room that wasn't really being used for what it should be. I found one that had some doggie meds and napkins. Really? I couldn't find a better place?
Then, after much throwing away of thing, I found a new "junk drawer."

Oh man! We did have AAA batteries after all!
Isn't it nuts that all that crap on the counter was organized into this little drawer? Again, need a cuzy? I will priority mail you some, seriously..

Now for the re-purpose of my old junk drawer. This drawer is prime real estate! It's HUGE and right under the microwave.

Alas, it belongs to the ruler of the house:

Sippys, bowls, bottles, meds, etc.
I love this because I can get rid of the bottle dryer/holder behind the sink that I am tired of looking at, which will make the kitchen feel less cluttered as well.
The bench, now being relieved of burp clothes and bowls and such, got a little re-organized as well.

The little blue bag is our Daycare bag. I leave a stash of diapers and wipes there so this bag just has clothes, bottles, etc. The bigger bag it the weekend bag for him. I also throw my wallet and phone in the front pockets and ditch the purse...
I stashed the grocery bags out in the garage since they have no place inside the house anyway. 

Hopefully you are inspired to reorganize some drawers in your home now.



Chloe said...

Well, I think I should do the same...
But not today...

Donald said...

Daaang, good/thorough job!
Remind me to consult you when the apartment starts getting cluttered.

Actually, remind me to talk to you about consulting regarding design ideas - want to bounce some ideas off of you for one of the rooms in the apartment. :)
(i will pay you in starbucks!)

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Holy cow! You are brave to tackle the junk drawer. Ours is just starting to get to the can't-open stage. I think there is a gate latch in there....

Handflapper said...

When we moved from the country to the city, we brought only essentials with us. (My son lives in the house, so there's been no urgency no get the rest of our crap out of there.) It's been amazing how much we can do without and how restful our uncluttered loft is. I don't know what I'm going to do with all the junk at the house now.