Thursday, June 16, 2011

You know you're a mom when...

Did you ever have a t-shirt when you were growing up that had a phrase "You know you're a _____ when" and then several lines of witty things that relate?

For example, in college I had a "You know you're an Interior Design Student When" and it was followed by things like "you have graphite on your face" or "you have fabric samples in your purse."

I would like to make one for new mom's...

You Know You're a New Mom When:

  • You find a pacifier in your purse and decide that's actually a smart place to keep one
  • There is a mini gymboree set up in your living room
  • You get excited when formula is on sale
  • You go straight to the baby section in every store you go to
  • You look at the video baby monitor at least 15 times or more a night
  • You have baby food/spit up on your clothes and don't even notice
  • You have way too much stuff in your baby bag, "just in case."
  • You can navigate a dark house like a ninja
  • You now subscribe to 3 different parenting magazines
What about you mom's out there, what would you add?

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Jessica DeWitt said...

You know you're a mom when lunch dates with friends are arranged around 'nap time.'

Alice said...

when the dark circles under your eyes becomes a fashion statement!

Carlin said...

when sleep becomes a commodity

Mollie said...

I always wish I knew what to say for these things. I'm still surprised by the fact I'm a mom.

handflapper said...

. . . when you suffer from terminal tiredness and being out until 10:00 is a "late night."

Design It Chic said...

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