Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Now that we have a bouncy baby boy, all 18 pounds and 28 inches of him have taken over the house.
In the last few weeks/days, we have gotten rid of the swing and the bouncy seat. Now if he needs to take a nap, it's in his crib.

Or sometimes, the high chair:

We also got a new bath chair so that I can have 2 hands to wash him again:
He likes to kick the water and I have little toys floating all around.
But as his mom, I sure hate that the chair kind of squishes his baby junk. He doesn't seem to care...

Saturday morning starts no later than 7am. Babies don't care that it's Saturday.

After breakfast in the kitchen with him hanging in his high chair, us eating and guzzling coffee watching TV, we move on to the living room.

In a very short time it turns into this:
Lola: Really? This is necessary?
Welcome to Loganland...

Lola is a little pissed that none, not a singe one, of those toys are for her.

The Bumbo allows him to sit and play with the little table thing, as well as sit in the little play tent thing so he can bat at the toys. The long padded mat lets him roll around and play with the textures.

You can see in the background, a jumparoo completes the playland.
If only it were so easy as an adult to have this much fun...

Speaking of sleep, we have had a pretty major breakthrough.

Logan now sleeps in his own room.

All night.

11 hours.

Yeah.. how great is that?

So I figured out he likes to be warm. So he gets thin socks under a footie pj, and then a sleep sack.
We also added a white noise machine on the advice of Jessica. It's pretty loud and works like a charm.

Now that he has that big crib, he can roll all over the place and not get "stuck."

Also, I turn the noise on the monitor OFF when I go to bed, because I can easily hear him down the hall if he cries. I can still check the video monitor 50 times every once and a while and see him.

There you have it. Warm, white noise, big crib = 11 hours of sleeping baby with usually one trip to give him a paci around 4am.

Sleep has been found.



Jessica DeWitt said...

Man, what a life these boys have! I am about to start packing up stuff too. It's so sweet to all our little boys grow up.

Donald said...

Love the first photo...
...and especially the one of Lola eyeing everything!!! LOLOLOL

Sarah said...

Oh yay! Congrats on finally sleeping!!

Tiffanie said...

Hiya Logan! Glad you're giving your mommy some much needed sleep. You're going so fast. Please slow down. Ok?

Diane Haynes said...

Logan land, funny and true. It is amazing all the items needed for his house to run smoothly. Glad you are getting some much deserved sleep.

Carlin said...

you made it!!!! whooo hooo!!! it takes time but when they finally hit that 11 hour sleep mark it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

He's such a handsome kid! Love these pics...and so glad to hear that the sleeping thing has gotten easier. I'm going to remember what worked for you, so that when I have a kid one day, I'll know what to do. :)

Eschelle said...

wow is he scrumptious!!!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

So cute!!! And yay for sleep!!! But you're right, babies don't care that it's the weekend!! Goodbye sleeping in unless Daddy takes over:)