Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moooooooo's

Happy Monday everyone.

Universally, it seems everyone has a bit of an issue with Mondays. I absolutely LOATHE them myself. Maybe this little Monday Moo will help get us through...

Today's Monday Moo's:

1.) How Long have you been blogging and How Long do you stay on the computer per day? I have been blogging off and on for the last 8 years or so, but seriously blogging for the last 3 years. Since my job requires tons of computer-oriented work, I'd say I am on the computer about 9 hours a day between work and home.

2.) Do you schedule your posts and/or keep a bunch of posts in drafts?
Depends on the week. Sometimes I write or start several at a time and keep them in drafts. Sometimes I use Evernote for this... I have had good and bad luck with scheduling. Sometimes I will schedule and then go in the next morning and it turned back to "draft." That annoys me! But when it works, it's great!

3.) Do you make money off your blog? If so, tell us how {via sponsors, monetizing}-Share your success. If not, tell us if you'd like to and what you need from us to help you.
This is something I am trying to achieve. I am a BlogHer Associate at the moment, which means I have my foot in the door with them but I am not a full fledged member. I have done a few things for CleverGirls, but they were small scale. I ultimately want to generate a little fun money and maybe have extra time to be home with the little man. I would love any ideas anyone has on this!


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Chloe said...

I never had any problem scheduling my posts... Hmmm. But now you have just said you have problems, I don't trust blogger.