Thursday, June 2, 2011

Need a Vacation?

Are you looking for a quick over night vacation that won't cost you anything at all?
Come on over and house-sit for the Nash's!

We offer many amenities to make you nice and comfortable.

An abundance of coffee:

A fully stocked fridge and pantry:

Big screen TV with every single channel:

and a big screen computer for your internet surfing/facebooking/twittering/blogging desires:

You can choose to sleep in the main room with a King Size Bed:

Complete with Cat
Or the Guest Room (with trundle)

All that is required is that you let the 2 canine inhabitants outside no less than 50 times per day.

More if there is a "squirrel emergency."

We hope you enjoy your stay at the Nash's!

Rules and Regulations:
Dogs are to be fed on time, and owners are not responsible for consequences if you fail to do so. These consequences include, but are not limited to, barking, whining, pawing, growling, woo'ing, and moping.  
Canines are going to fully expect you to allow them to co-habitate in the King Size Bed. Upon choosing said bed, you are agreeing to those terms and conditions - along with the 7am wake up call. 
7am wake up call mandatory. 
7:10am feeding recommended (see above)
Beer fridge off limits. 
Ridiculously cute baby not included in your stay. 




Donald said...



The Schnauzers actually let me sleep until about 8a.

Throw in a pool and a liveable pool house, and you'd have a permanent resident in your back yard. ;P

Chloe said...

Oh, my!
This post is hilarious!!
You made my day, Breann!

Heather M said...

HAHAHA!!! How do I make my reservation!???

Denise McD said...

OH MY GOSH! So adorable! you had me in chuckles!!!

I found you over at the blog hop from For The Love Of Blogs! Your blog is soooo adorable!!!! Hope you can check me out :) I am having a weekend long Birthday Bash Giveaway!

Sarah said...

I can say from personal experience, the Nashcation is the best kind of vacation you can have. :)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

HA! Hilarious...all that coffee looks great. I could use some right now as I fight sleep and try to catch up on my reading.

The hubby and I were looking for a short vacation spot...the Nash Resort looks perfect :)