Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oooooh Mexico

We are back from Vaca! Mexico was GORGEOUS.

There isn't much to tell other than:
  • We met some awesome couples. We never meet anyone on vacations so this was fun!
  • One couple lives in our neighborhood.
  • One lives close to Reliant park.
  • One lives in South Carolina. We are petitioning for them to move here.
  • It was so much fun.
  • I didn't get as roasted as I did in Hawaii.
  • I miss the private pool...
  • I turned 29!
Photos:With us are Bethany and Bo. This is the couple that lives in our neighborhood. They are quite alot of fun!This was our private pool off the deck in our room.A view of the other casitas and the lazy river that connected us to a bigger pool with a bar. in case you just can't bring yourself to walk over the little bridge.
Us at dinner the first night. That shirt doesn't look so red in person...
All in all, we had a great time but it sure is good to be home and to what wonderful fall weather too!

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