Sunday, October 4, 2009

Done, not let's move on!

Friday and Saturday were the Exam. I am now done.

Done studying all the damn time.
Done missing out on get togethers and fun things.
Done getting cranky because I am missing all these things.
Done cramming shit in my head that I really won't use again.

I learned a lot, I really did. I am not feeling very good about the exam and at this point, I just hope I met the MINIMUM it takes to pass. Based on what I have been through the last 2 days, I don't think that how you did on the exam reflects directly on your skills as a professional. This exam is all about trick questions and finding minute details in one sentence that can change the outcome of your answer.

For 2 days I hunched over a tiny desk racking my brain for information.
Yesterday I was expected to hand draft on a desk that barely held my 11 x 17 paper, much less all my pencils, pens, templates, tracing paper, pencil sharpener, etc... All of us felt that after spending nearly $1,000 to take this damn thing, couldn't we have been given a bit nicer of a facility?

So now it is time to conquer what I have been ignoring.

We are going to the Texans game today at Noon. I will take my camera and I will get better about blogging, i swear!

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