Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alot happened this week...

Getting back from Mexico and being home was refreshing.
Getting to work on Monday to a salary/hour cut was not.
Getting to work on Tuesday to a cell-phone cut was not as well.

So - less money plus a cell phone bill? Nice.

I decided, pretty quick but after research, that the iPhone would be my drug of choice. I thought about my blackberry and how much I do enjoy it. I looked up the price to keep it and stay on Verizon and was shocked that the iphone (even with the mandatory data package) was less per month. Mainly because my mom is on AT&T so that means I can get less minutes and just max out my txt and data.
I have had the phone 24 hours and have not made a single phone call but have been all over the internet, app store, and txt/IM.

First APP i downloaded? The Sherwin Williams Color Match. Basically you can take a picture of a wall (note - need good lighting) and it will tell you the closest color in the SW family. Pretty freakin cool!

Let's hope I at least have a job over the next few months eh?

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Donald said...

you could do some app reviews in your blog - would be interested in seeing your impressions of the apps and how well they actually work vs how they're advertised