Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Saturday Ramblings

I don't have alot to write about other than the TEST (13 days away) so I thought I would blog about random stuff that is having a party in my brain.

*What if I fail this test?

*I think about re-doing our bedroom constantly. This is causing me to dislike the paint/bedding we have alot.


*Tired of spending money on this money pit house. I know it's worth it but still...

*I feel very uninteresting. Know me for 5 minutes and you know me.

*I have frenimies at work and that makes me feel fake. But its easier to just play along than to be fighting all the time.

* I love my job but hate going to work.

*I want to be a professional stay-at-home-wife.

*To have a kid or not to have a kid. I can't answer that the same way twice. What does that mean?

*I want money. Because I want things. Which makes me materialistic.

*I didn't used to be materialistic, but the city changes you.

*I want money so I can own everything in Sur La Table.

*I feel very selfish these days.

*I love my friends, even if I don't always tell them or show it.

*I wish I could see my family more.

*I feel like I am different than everyone else in my family. That makes it hard to go home.

*This post ended up being depressing. Oops.

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