Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Now that Ellie is over 3 months old, the question keeps coming up - "when are you going back to work?"

Technically - I'm not.

There is a plan in the future to pick a few hours up from home when I am ready.

At the moment I am NOT ready.

Don't get me wrong - I love what I do (did?) and I do hope some day to go back to it.

However, at the moment, I  LOVE being home.

My house is clean.
My laundry is done.
I am calm and happy when Logan gets home from school.
I have time to rest if I need it or just goof off on Pinterest while Ellie is asleep if I need that instead.

I am cooking again. More than just the same 4 easy meals.

I go to the grocery store when no one else is there.

I snuggle my baby a lot and kiss her and talk to her and listen to her coo back to me.

Tummy Time!
I have also gotten a tad addicted to The Kardashians...

Now that I have added going to Equinox every day - my days are even more full. By the time I drop Logan off, go to the gym, work out and shower, run whatever errand we have, get home and get Ellie on her long nap (maybe mine too) - before I know it we are looking at 1 or 2 pm and I have to get the chores done and get ready for Logan and Lee to be home! The day just flys.

I am working on myself right now. I want to be the happy and healthy mom my kids need.

New hair cut! Ignore the ketchup on his shirt... 

Making cookies together!

I have a goal for my body by May of losing 20 pounds and getting more tone/in shape. I met with a trainer today and while I was somewhat unhappy with what she said, she also told me I have good muscle mass, am very strong and flexible (yay Yoga!) and I did the best squats she had seen in an evaluation.

I have started drinking a Shakeology shake for lunch on the week days (Saturdays too if I work out) to help curb my appetite. I really like chocolate or vanilla with PB2 powder added in.

I am also looking at all the problem spots in our house - the areas that have clutter - and I am working through getting us more organized. I am also sitting here while we have some work done in the house.

Fixing a lazy flipper mistake. Thanks lady....

In a nutshell?

I am so. very. happy.


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Two Party Planners said...

Enjoy the time as you deserve it. I am envious of your days to set your schedule for you and your family. My body and mind hope to some day be you. I guarantee your kids appreciate you being happy and being there too.