Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wino Wednesday

While I am feeling whiney, I thought I would post about a recent wine find instead.

Donald's job on Thursday nights is to bring the wine. Knowing he chooses based on labels means it's about a 50-50 shot on it being good.

This last time, he knocked it out of the park!

We have only had the Chardonnay but it's simply wonderful, and only about $12.

When reading the label I found out it is a wine collaboration with Dave Matthews, which I found interesting.

There is a bottle of Cabernet on the table we will try out tomorrow with the brisket I am putting in the crockpot. I refuse to use the oven until the hole in my ceiling is fixed.

Sorry for the silent blog lately. Between the house stuff and work stuff, I am just about all worn out and have started reading again. I'll be back to normal soon!


1 comment:

Diane Haynes said...

I enjoy when you refuse to do something.
So Amusing.
Ha! Donald likes pretty labels. That's cool. What a nut!