Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Sky is Falling!

Actually, the ceiling...

Thursday night I was cooking dinner and we noticed water dripping around one of the can lights.


My tiny friend Christi hopped up into the attic and said she heard a hiss over by the corner where the sink is.

Sure enough, there was a nice brown spot on the ceiling above the window.

We call the A/C guy - he says it's not that b/c all our A/C components are out in the garage.

We call a plumber and they get to our house at 10pm. He crawls up there and says oh yeah - everything is soaked - there is a pinhole leak in the galvanized pipe.


While he is up there fixing it - the ceiling starts to crack.

And then...

It all fell in.

The plumber was fine, he was on the joists. Our theory was that his weight was just the final straw for the soaking wet drywall.

After he left we cleaned it up the best we could and went to bed.

The next day we had someone out cleaning out all the rest of the wet stuff and starting the drying process.

The hole before it was cleaned up

The fix - a clamp on the pipe

What we will see for the next few weeks...
Now we are doing the insurance thing and waiting to get it all fixed up.

We are also going to replace all the horizontal galvanized pipe in the house because we figure where there is one pinhole leak - there could be another...

In the meantime, the grill is our new kitchen so that we can keep heat out of the house. We have grilled some wonderful meals - including this BBQ Chicken Pizza:

Hope everyone else is having a better week!!!



Anonymous said...

My week pales in comparison. Sorry about your kitchen, but grill pizza is awesome.

Em S said...

That sounds horrible inconvenient...hopefully the fixerup process goes well!

averyswifeliz said...

Holy crud! What a mess. But hey the grilled pizza looks amazing!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh! What a mess! Your plumber was so lucky he didn't fall down!

Kiki said...

That's insane!! You seem so calm about it here--did you freak out in real life, or was it more just one of those things where it happened, so you had to deal? Either way, glad it's all fixed up now and love the new photos! Your backsplash is gorgeous!