Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday No-Day

Usually we make Sunday "Funday." Football, food, getting ready for the week, etc.
Today it has been Sunday "no day." we haven't done anything. nothing. nada.

It is 1:45pm.
We have not brushed our teeth.
We had Whataburger Cheeseburgers - for breakfast.
I am in my robe and panties. Panties I wore all day yesterday.
We are gross no?
(yes. very)

I have decided that when you own dogs, they become little, furry versions of their pawrents.
Observe Teddy on the floor:
Observe Teddy and Lee on the sofa watching football:
Observe Lola in her "Hammock.":
See that computer? I have been on it reading blogs for about 4 hours now. There is a book on the chair calling my name.
The shower? not so much.


Donald said...

that's an awesome way to spend the day sometimes! (especially on a day off when you'd normally be at work)

Matt & Alisha said...

Okay, your kids remind me so much or ours!!! and you have your toe nails painted so you are way ahead of me!!!!

Breann said...

Yeah that paint job is a good month or so old... ha!