Tuesday, February 12, 2013


There I went, letting a week go by and not stopping by to say hello to y'all.

I'm so sorry.

Hello Y'all.

Where have I been? That's a long and short story to tell ya the truth.

First - back in December, my good buddy Christi left my office to work elsewhere. I have inherited her work load on top of mine and they both got busy at the same time. We are trying to hire but someone else left today so now we are down two brave soldiers so things are about to get crazy. For instance, my calendar last week looked like this:

Cray cray.

So once I am done with that, there is our home life - which is equally busy. We are preparing to sell our home so now we have to pack some things away to clear the clutter and make the house less haywire.

This past weekend was a hard one as far as being parents of a 2 year old goes.
Friday when I got to school to pick him up, he had a pretty good scratch on his face from another kid. Same ole story as he hit so they retaliated. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it being all "well he is rough and the other kids are just defending themselves." To a degree, fine. But are you teaching those children there are better ways to assert themselves just like Logan needs to learn to be gentle and share?
Anywhoo he was a gumpy grump all evening and tossed and turned and didn't settle to sleep till 8:30.
And was up at 6:15am.
The grumps continued but we decided to go to the Butterfly and Dinosaur exhibits at the museum.

He was generally pretty happy and well behaved and even enjoyed the grocery store (somewhat)

After nap and some playtime we went to Star Pizza and had a really nice time
Yucky scratch huh?

Another night of tossing and turning and late bedtime.

Sunday was another early rise and we were looking forward to Sunday school.

Speaking of that - I am really enjoying our class and we happened to talk that day about Discipline vs. Punishment. The pastor who wrote the book and workbook talked about how what really annoys us about our children could be a hidden asset in their personality. An energy we have to channel.

What hitting, kicking, throwing and yelling have to do with that, I'm not sure. But I took the lesson to heart, turned off the tv after lunch, and played "weggos" on the floor for 30 minutes with my boy before his nap. I think over-stimulation may be a factor and I'm working on dialing down the TV time. It's hard when we're tired and frustrated because the TV is an easy out (even though he doesn't really sit and watch it much.)


In the end, we had a nice weekend although it was challenging. I know these weekend will happen along with the "good" ones. No matter what, this face is one of my favorite things in the world:

I may be scarce until I can find balance in work/life but I'm still around.


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