Monday, March 4, 2013


I am a total tech geek. I always want the newest, fastest, coolest gadget and I want it the minute it comes out.

When something comes out that makes my life a little easier, I jump all over it.

Recently, that product is the release of the Google Chrome app for iPhone and iPad.

See, if you use Google Chrome on your PC/MAC, you can sync your contacts through Chrome and see them on your iPad/iPhone.

Firefox has a similar feature but the work around for it on your i-devices is lacking. The chrome app is seamless.

Pictures make this easier to understand:
When you download it, you can click on the 3-line icon to sync. Note: Sign in on chrome on the computer first. 
 As you see, there are a few folders and even the little widgets that are installed on Chrome at my PC.
I don't believe the widgets work, but it sure synced EVERYTHING!

My favorite thing about the sync is that I can sit and read blogs on my iPad in the mornings (as being swamped at work has caused a lack of reading lately) and all my bookmarked blogs are right there, and it opens a tab when you click on the icon.

(Note, there are more blogs than that but I have to scroll up. Don't get your feelings hurt if you didn't spot your blog.)

Are there any new technology goodies that are making your busy life easier?


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gailofgreenliving said...

Today I love tech support! This afternoon I have to call Apple Care and I might change my mind...