Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st - AKA Fall Freakout

Every year, on September 1st, I freak out.

It's fall y'all!

I don't care if it's 95 degrees outside, I get that Pumpkin Spice Latte and lap it up.

I don't care if my grass is fried, I bake a loaf of Williams Sonoma's Pumpkin Bread:

I don't care if the mosquitos are as big as bats, I haul out my Pumpkin Warmer and Pumpkin Roll Scentsy and plug it in.

Want some? Order here SCENTSY
Lee has learned to just accept this first of September freak out and just watches me as I start pulling out decorations and washing my scarves so they are fresh and ready for the first cold snap in November.

Do you love Fall? How do you will it to show up?

Also - I am participating in Blogtember. I have been absent lately and I am hoping this is what I need to get those bloggy juices going again.


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Diane Haynes said...

Hi Breann,

I think that is so funny that Lee takes it in stride as you scurry around the house with your fall decorations and scents. Putting away summer clothes and breaking out the fall season colors.
Are you daring anyone to walk by your house with white sandals on? LOL

I am excited to feel the fall weather and watch the leaves on the trees change.
Watch the neighbors as they put decorations on their porches and exchange summer gliders for rockers with over sized cushions.
I wash my scarves, gloves and beanie caps anticipating the day I can wear them and step outside to feel a crisp wind in my face. It SMELLS so good!
I am ready for hearty soups and chili. Fresh baked breads and pies.
A nice fire in the fireplace and spice tea.

I enjoy your blogs. They make me smile.