Wednesday, September 10, 2014


After traveling to New York and then coming right back into a busy work week, we really needed some down time.

This started with Logan sleeping until almost 7:30am Saturday.

I almost bought him a car for that.

He then laid in our bed and watched cartoons until after 8am.

I almost bought him a boat for that.

I made breakfast and we laid around watching various forms of electronics and then topped all that off by swimming before lunch.

Then Logan took nearly a 2 hour nap.

I called the Porche dealership after that one.

After a trip to the store, Logan and I made cookies and again laid around doing nothing.

He went straight to sleep at 8:15pm and I called the boat dealership for him.

Sunday we went to church and Logan was upped to the Tiger room!

He was a little confused because Sunday school is the same hall as regular school but he is in a different room.

We have a wonderful sermon series going on about Modern Families. This sermon really spoke to me:
Share Your Lives

Then, once again, it was a whole lotta nothing while it rained and we watch football. My fantasy team won this week, which was cool.

We needed this restful weekend and it really set us right for this busy week where Lee is traveling and I am single momming it.

I hope you had a nice weekend and what do you know - another one is only a few days away!


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