Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Bucket List

I'm not a "bucket list" person normally. There are so many other lists in my life that adding one seems a little daunting.

To Do List - Home
To Do List - Work
To Do List - Fall.

I suppose if I look at it like a way to ensure fall memories with Logan I will feel a little better about making another "List." The fact that fall is very short here in Houston may also cause a little hesitation.

First up: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Say what you will about this drink and the craze around it, but my first sip each year always makes me excited for the three days of fall weather we get to enjoy here in Houston.

Next Up: Boots and Leggings/Jeans.
I usually have to wait for this day until late October but I certainly enjoy pulling my boots out from the back of the closet, dusting them off, and pulling them on over some comfy leggings. I'm pretty addicted to leggings from

Decorating Pumpkins:
I found this little article with ideas on how to decorate without carving and I really want to make the Mummy pumpkins! 

Making a Halloween Costume:
I am NOT crafty. This year I wanted to merge making a costume with buying one. I bought Logan a knit hat of Toothless the Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon and then I will make him a cape with a tail on it. This way, he can wear the hat when it is cold and it's a bit of a double duty "costume."

Finally, the one thing that lets me know that Fall is here is opening all the windows in the house - and maybe still needing a little sweater...

Here is hoping I can open those windows before October ends...


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Laura (Home Address) said...

I am SO EXCITED to see Logan as Toothless!!