Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alot to Drink About

Last weekend, Lee suprised me with a trip to Fredericksburg, TX! This is the heart of Texas Hill Country and also known for producing Texas Wine.
Texas Wine is generally bad.So Friday morning we hopped in the car and I had no clue where we were headed. We got about an hour away and there was a sign for it and Lee pointed and said "That's where we are going!"
He had booked us at this little bed and breakfast that puts you in individual cabins (so no awkward breakfast with the people in the house...) and had a wonderful restaurant on site!
Our Living Room (with satellite TV that never worked..)
The "Kitchen"The bathroom
I am pretty sure 1890 Kentucky Cabins didn't have a shower like this:
The bed - up on a loft overlooking the living room.I love the tin roof. It rained while we were there and I slept so great listening to the rain on the roof. Or i was a little scared when it rained hard and thought of tornadoes...
The view from our porch. That is the outdoor seating to the restaurant.

The pond has fishies in it!I found a quarter in my purse and got some fish food for them.
Then we finally headed off to town, after a little nap.It's a little german town with lots of sausage and mustard and beer! Lee loved the Fredericksburg Brewery:
While I enjoyed the chocolate shop Chocolat:And then off to Grape Seed Winery:The wine was ok, the atmosphere and scenery was wonderful!

All in all, our little anniversary trip was wonderful! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Yay for 5 years!

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