Saturday, April 3, 2010

Because I felt like it...

I awoke in a bad mood. We have company coming for dinner, and that always spins me a little because the house needs cleaning and all that. So I got up and out of the house and shopped for about 3 hours!

First stop: Target. I wanted to make a few Easter Baskets. Just because. So i made one for Lee's parents to take to their house tomorrow and I made one for here, just to have one around. She loves chocolate so I focused on that...
Lee LOVES Chex Mix! So i added that to our basket, and gave the puppies each a new toy.

Because I felt like it...
Next I was off to Banana Republic. I wanted a cute spring cardigan to wear tomorrow, but they didn't really have anything so I will have to make do..
I had a gift card to West Elm so I went in search of..nothing. But I came out with this:In red, but it has buttons on it. So it goes great with the gray on our bedding and with the gray sweater pillow that has buttons.
Next, Crate and Barrell. It's expensive helpful that these are all in the same center so I could park once and shop. I came out with a few small hurricane vases, crushed sea shells, and some mini pillar candles. Also, Oregano and Basil with Oregano and Basil pots for my window sill!
Hopefully they start to grow soon!

So that little shopping spree made me feel a little better. I have about 2 hours until the guests arrive... i better get to that laundry. And maybe snuggle with the new pillow for a minute.

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Donald said...

Aww, the baskets were a cute idea - Gail will adore that. :)