Friday, May 15, 2015

A Friday in May

Logan's sleep has been ROUGH.

I mean - newborn level rough.

He has always been a little iffy on the sleep thing, especially as a newborn. I have read a lot on ADHD and I know it's common for little ones like him. There is so! much! to think about!! and settling down is hard. Then when you wake up to pee there are other! things! so! exciting! This morning he woke me up at 4 (after waking me up at 1 after not falling asleep until 9...) and asked for the iPad. Bright eyed awake. Ready for the day.

Of course I told him no.

Anywhoo, this leads me to today. I left work at 12 after a long client meeting. I shopped a little in the Galleria (where my meeting was in the adjacent office building) and stumbled upon Zara...
It is disturbing the amount I could (and probably will) spend in this store.
For instance:
I die from the cute.
I am now dead twice from the cute!
Logan tried on a pair of his swim trunks last weekend and there were...snug. So I grabbed him a pair of these for like $15!!
After that I grabbed a sandwich on the way back towards the office. I realized, at nearly 1pm, that I should just go work from home.

So I did.

I'm tired. Pregnant. Hormonal. And I have the ability to work from my house in my cotton pants while watching the current Mad Men marathon. Why not?!

Then I saw this:
Pinch of Yum
So I made them.
Duh (re: pregnant. hormonal. home alone)

Don't get me wrong. I DID work as well. I may or may not nap (it's only 3:30 currently and Logan/Lee won't be home for 2 hours).

But this time alone at home with cookies, Mad Men, and emails... this introvert needed it!

Tonight we are playing Candy Land and Hi Ho Cheerio tonight for our very first family game night. Those who understand Logan and our struggles realize the accomplishment of sitting down for a board game... File it under things I didn't think were possible.

Enjoy your weekend (if you are still there - I know I take long breaks...)


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