Sunday, March 20, 2016

Busy and Happy

It's now been about 6 weeks since I started working again. Although it is from home there are still days that it is a little stressful.

My company is moving their office in May to a new building and I came back primarily so I could run this project, a real honor. At this point we start construction tomorrow and I am going to the weekly meeting and having the baby sitter watch Ellie and then I pick Logan up from school on my way home.

While there is balance, I am still at a crossroads.
I love being home.
I miss the office atmosphere.
I love being able to work when I want, on what I want, and go to the gym and store, etc at my own pace.
I miss walking into the office with coffee and a to do list and offering advice to the younger workers.

Now with the office moving to a building that is directly connected to the Galleria, I am fidgety! How fun would it be to office there? On a campus of an account I ran for 8 years?

I am thinking of having Ellie in Mother's Day Out 3 days a week and maybe those days I could work in the office a few hours to get that part back into my life. Then the other two would be groceries, etc.

Just thoughts.

Otherwise we have been having a wonderful 2016.

Ellie - 5 months
Ellie is growing growing growing and is generally a happy little baby. We are working on solids and sleeping. One night she will sleep all night and the next she wakes a few times. I am hoping once she is totally over this cold she gets more consistent.

Logan is an AMAZING big brother. He is always playing with her and making her laugh. He likes to sing goodnight songs with me at night to her if he can. There are times he is jealous but he usually pulls out of it quickly. We are trying to be more mindful of spending one on one time with him so he knows he is still important to us.

Ice Cream date after school!

Legos just us after Ellie was in bed. 

Since starting the gym 4 days a week (and some at home work outs) I have lost over 10 pounds. I have about 10 more to lose to meet my goal for Hawaii in Mid May (if we go.) I am really happy with how I look, I just want to keep going to achieve my goal of being confident while in a swim suit. We have a pool which lends us to being out a LOT and people come over to visit and swim. I am tired of spending pool parties in a cover up standing in the kitchen talking and making drinks to avoid being in the pool.

I also do NOT want to hear "You look great for just having a baby!"

If i meet my goal, I will be 20 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant, which means an overall weight loss since having Ellie of 40 pounds! I didn't even think I needed to lose this much but I can see it in my face and legs and arms just as much as my midsection.

I love the gym and I have gotten very into Hot Yoga (85-90 degree room) and Barre. I am going to try a few other classes to mix it up. I just have to keep everyone healthy! March has been full of sickies and I have missed the gym several times.

I ventured into Essential Oils. With Ellie being so little and it being cold season and Logan needing some extra help with the whole ADHD/Behavior stuff - I thought it couldn't hurt.

Headache Blend - Love it
And I am OBSESSED. Pinterest has tons of "recipes" and tips for each ailment. I made the above headache roller and it got rid of my migraine in the beginning stages with about 3 applications. No meds needed. 

Otherwise I have made several calming rollers for Logan and even a bedtime lotion that I put on his feet at bedtime to help relax him. He loves it! I made a "Sweet Dreams" spray that I spray on his bed at night and he made me make one for Ellie too :) 

Lee is kicking ass at work and I am doing my best to kick ass at the house. I keep it clean, laundry done, and dinner on the table. Lee rarely sees the grocery store anymore so our weekends are just for us to be a family since he does travel much of the week. 

Life is pretty great and I will do my best to keep documenting it along the way. 
Today after church (with Lee's Mother)


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