Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Updates and Musings

I tend to live my little piece of cyberspace for long periods of time. Busy isn't even the word for life these days. Exhausting? Challenging? Rewarding? Those all apply along with "busy."


Me: I am now working about 25 hours a week. Some from home and some in the office. While in the office Ellie is generally here at home with a babysitter. I come back around 2pm and then at 4 we go and pick Logan up from school. This is something I am still getting used to - almost a month in. I am already working out less and this doesn't make me happy. Plus we are located now in the GALLERIA so I am one elevator ride away from the food court. I am already sick of Salata as my healthy choice.

Our new office with the concept I came up with in the middle. Finished product on left and right.
Lee: He is working and traveling a lot. I appreciate his dedication to his job and to us. I know it's hard on him to be away and we miss him.

Logan: Logan man now has glasses! He has depth perception issues so these are helping his eyes coordinate properly. I wonder if this will help with riding his bike? He still has his good and bad days but he is extremely affectionate and funny and we love him so much.

Ellie: Miss thing is almost 9 months. She is crawling, pulling up, cruising a little, and eating like a champ. Finally sleeps 12 hours. All complaints are ended with a graham cracker. I wish that worked with adults.

Side eye. Wanting us out of bed. Now.

Wearing her brother's old t-shirt!

There you have it in a nutshell. Busy.


Very Happy :)


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Unknown said...

With your life the way it is shaping up, woukd you rather have the other way?