Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fall TV

I love television. I watch just about everything, as long as it entertains me. Heck, I still watch One Tree Hill, even though it jumped the shark way before the dog ate that donor heart that fell on the floor... (see The Soup for that clip...)

I looked up the fall schedules for the networks today and I am really dissapointed! Looks like tv will only be good on Sunday and Thursday, but not nearly as much to see as last year. This is due to the heavy cancellations on all the networks. I watched the majority of the cancelled stuff - and not all of it was just crap. (Dirty Sexy Money, Lipstick Jungle, etc.)

It looks like Blockbuster Online and HGTV will be what entertains us after dinner most evenings.

In fact, I think Summer TV was better since we had Whale Wars, Burn Notice, and all the wonderful Bravo shows!!


Sabrina said...

LMAO at The Soup clip!!! I just saw the replay go through my head as I read that!!!

The Riddle Family said...

I actually just watched the soup - but are you serious about the dog eating a donor heart that fell on the ground? Wow. That sounds like some mighty fine television right there!

On another note, I couldn't believe they canceled Lipstick Jungle - dude that sucks.