Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Shower Mania

Up until about now, it's almost been like I am just pregnant and things are moving along slowly.
But as I look at my calendar coming up - BAM! Things are about to get crazy!

  • I have a shower for my cousin in Palestine. I also will be going to the place my shower will be held in September to have a look-see.
  • We are taking a little trip to Florida too to see some friends. If you see on the news there is a beached whale in Jacksonville, no worries - it will be me!
  • Baby Shower in Palestine thrown by my mom and good friend Katie.
  • Another shower at work is possible as my coworker is pregnant too... probably a dual shower!
  • 2 baby showers! One is a couple's shower and another is a "Let's set up the nursery!" shower.
  • One more shower, thrown by my sister in law for the Nash side of the clan.
  • Maternity pictures
  • Thanksgiving!
  • BABY!
  • Newborn photos (and birth announcements)
  • Christmas!
We have already registered at Right Start and Sunday I am going with Donald to register at Babys R Us.
Monday is the big ultrasound day! I can hardly wait!

Don't worry, I will hardly be able to contain myself on blogging about what this little critter is that squirms around all day...

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Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

I haven't scheduled myself through the end just yet.. but I am AWARE of all the things I need to schedule. I will be having 3 showers, need to meet pediatricians, 3d sono, photog's, argh!!

We have our next sono in 2 weeks so we can see what we are having too!!