Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Storms

Personally, I love little afternoon/evening showers in the summers. It tends to cool things off a little and keep the grass from turning brown.

Teddy, however, hates them.

When it starts to thunder and lightening... Teddy seeks shelter under the bed:
(I apologize for the dust, i had swiffere'd under the bed a few days ago... our house is just dusty!)
Then he decided he was safe enough to move his shelter to the kitchen table:
He stayed there a good while... even me trying to hold him and pet him didn't work.
Here is another way he is very much like Luther. When it would storm, Luther would shiver so hard his teeth would chatter!

Lola -didn't care one bit about the storm.
She was more disturbed by the horrible movie we were watching...

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