Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Baby Boy

Earlier in the week I posted with the title "Itty Bitty Boy."

After my Dr. Appt on Wed, I need to change my tune a little bit...

The ultrasound measurements moved my due date up a good 5 - 7 days because he is measuring "large."

Hello? have you seen Lee? Was there any doubt Logan would be a "large" baby?

My biggest fear... large baby... not so large me... *gulp*

Proof is in these photos, which is seems like a flash forward, of Lee and I holding our friend's baby, Brady.

So far, normal sized baby...
And now... mini-baby! Lee's hand is almost the size of the baby!!

I am getting closer to choosing a blue paint. There are 6 swatches on the wall and I try and go in there at different times of the day to see how the lighting makes me feel about the paints. Tough decision!

1 comment:

Donald said...

This might work...

Go in at morning light, and see which one you like best (that day), and mark it either on a sheet of paper, or the card, with a little sunrise icon.

Same thing when home from work (daylight).

Same thing at sunset.

Want to say "same at night", but the light fixture is different from what will be in there...

After a week or so, see which one has the most tally marks.