Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Vacation!

Friday we flew to Atlanta, GA to meet up with friends to see a Jack Johnson concert.
In the beginning and middle of the concert, we were rained on. A lot. As we sat on the lawn.
So we left.
Then we got lost in scary Atlanta.
However, we had fun while we were there (minus the rain) and watched 100 college kids get drunk in front of us. Had we stayed during the rain, we are sure we would have seen them get naked.

Saturday we drove to Jacksonville, FL (where our friends live) about 5 hours away. We were all pretty beat after that but we got ready and went down to Kickbacks for beers (ice tea) and food. The food was good and the beers (iced tea) was better but the A/C was out.

Sunday was Funday at the Beach.
Lee, Bret, and Jerry played "Bros Icing Bros" with Smirnoff Ice.
I drank water :)
A little sunburned but not too bad, bought new flip flops, had a yummy cheeseburger at Bukkets on the beach. Good day!

Monday - travel day. On a horrible pencil Continental Express plane.
Why are those always so hot? OH because 75 people are crammed on a plane the size of a pencil!
Get home with plans for laundry, relaxation and grocery store...

Then this happens, not 5 full minutes after we got home:
Super fun huh?
After a 5 minute FREAK OUT, I grabbed the camera and my phone and called StateFarm. Lee started calling limb service to get this limb off the car. Then the roofing man. And after the all-clear from insurance, the windshield people.
Within 3 hours, life was relatively back to normal. The windshield is fixed so I could drive it while Lee is out of town this week. We tried our best to vaccuum but I need to head over and get it detailed because there is no way we got it all. It was in the air vents, seats, BACK SEAT... glass and tree debris everywhere.

At least it made it easier to come back to work today!

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