Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yay art!

A few months ago, I was window shopping and happened upon a cute art piece at Z Gallerie... and ever since I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Today I wandered in, again window shopping, and just couldn't resist!Seriously how cute is that? And I got the numbers one that coordinates:
Now I need a rug and we will be done with basics in the room.

We are having a party in October to get the room put together. Paint, crib putting-together, ceiling fan hanging, etc. It will be so nice to see it just pop into place. However, being a room full of random stuff in piles is a little frustrating...

Next month we will concentrate on getting the new guest room (aka old study room) put together. That room won't need painting, just a little re-arrange and some accessories. When you have a little bungalow like we do, making room for baby is a little more work than just buying a crib!


Amber and Trey Collins said...

that is really cute, and will be cute well into toddlerhood

Okie Rednecks said...

That is so cute and will coordinate well with whatever! very versitile! How are the doggies doing?

Breann said...

The doggies are great. Teddy is super clingy. He is my shadow. Either in my lap or following me around. Lola has gotten a little extra bratty. I think they are figuring out something is going to change soon!