Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I cheated on Target...

I feel dirty.

Really dirty.

See, I have been looking for those fun puzzle piece foam squares for Logan to play on in the floor. He is a scooting machine and his play mat was bunching up under him. I priced some on my coveted Amazon, but was put off by the price..

Then, I saw that Jessica had put a photo of Callen on one on her Facebook. I texted her immediately and asked her where she got it.

Not Target.

Not Amazon.


I groaned. NOooooo. Walmart?

See, in Houston (not the suburbs but REAL Houston) Walmart is downright SCARY. We have been to the one by our house maybe 3 times. When we lived out by Lee's office, we went all the time because it was nice and new.

I knew that if I wanted this damn mat, I had to go to Walmart and quick. She had found it under the $5 seasonal section.

Lee headed off to Ben's and I went to Walmart with my security team, Mom and Tony.

Low and behold we found them - you got 9 pieces for $5! Amazon had 6 pieces for $45!!! Look, I am sure they are higher quality on all that - but this guy is growing fast and won't use them but for a few months.

So I grabbed 4.

Now, thanks to Mom and Tony forcing me to let them buy this, Logan has a 4x8 playmat, plus a few extra squares for my poor knees at the tub, in the Living Room.

 Now he can scoot and scoot and it doesn't bunch up underneath him!

Have you ever found such a deal that you went out of your way to get what you wanted?

I hope Target and Amazon forgive me...


Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

Oh lawdy, we need these badly! Adorning bullet proof vest and heading to WalMart during lunch break. Where exactly did you find them in the store... I'll be alone and will need to get in and out ASAP? Much thanks!

Michelle said...

Love the colors!!!
We got ours at Sams Club, they are much much bigger, but I wanted them for a section of the outdoor play area :)

ArtsyNina said...

hahaha... I would feel dirty, too. I HATE Walmart and won't shop there. Except that one time...

Been there, done that. Target and Amazon will forgive you :)

Holly said...

We don't have Walmart in NZ, but we do have Kmart and the Warehouse, which sound kind of familiar. And icky. LOL.

Joshua said...

Came over from FtLoB.

Deals and discounts, you say? I have learned two very important things. 1) If you want to shop for something at Best Buy, look it up on Best Buy's website and print it out before going to the store; the price is almost always different. 2) Bed Bath & Beyond coupons never expire, even though it's printed on it; Save them all and taken them with you when you go because you can use one per item without having to do multiple transactions; Those $5 off an item coupons seriously add up.

Diane Haynes said...

I believe you can find these Tiffanie in the seasonal department.