Friday, July 8, 2011

I love you, fellow Bloggers

Each morning, as I stumble into the kitchen, I do a few things in a certain order:

  • Make the day's bottles
  • Give Logan his breakfast bottle
  • Make a cup of coffee
  • Open the laptop
The first site I visit? Google Reader.

Many a morning, it says I have over 100 unread items. My first thought is usually "How am I going to get through all these!?"

Part of the high number is the feed from one of my favorites, MamaPop. I love this site and it's affiliates because you get tons of different kinds of news and the articles are written by bloggers.

Another feed filler that I can't get enough of is The Stir. Another news-ish site written by bloggers who also keep up their own blogs. The articles are unique and funny, one of my favorite sites to visit each day.

Then there are all my friends! Let's list a many as possible, shall we?
There are so many others. So So Many. I can't list them all! These are by no means listed in any order or favored over blogs not listed, this is just a sample....

I also keep up with For the Love of Blogs, which is a great way to network.

Yesterday, I talked about my obsession with Sand Dollars. Today, Tiffanie mentioned she is going to blog about something she is obsessed with... check her out! Pineapples and Pickles.

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy reading these!


auley said...

That's such a great list. Now I will have to add some of these to my must read list...! I also read The Stir, I like how it always seems fresh, not a lot of re-posted type stuff.

shah wharton said...

Hey there - what a great list. I never look at google reader - didn't think wasn't supposed to. Must address this pronto! Doh! Here to follow from FTLOB's hop.

PLEASE consider LINKING up YOUR CREATIONS over at my BLOG this (and every other) WEEKEND - where there's a FRESH NEW LINKY!

Any creation counts: a meal to a story, a painting to crafts, a review to an article. HELP me to build the community of creative bloggers.
Shah X

Chloe said...

Awwww! Thanks!!
I love many of these blogs you have mentioned!!
I think blogging is a *healthy* obsession... haha

Joshua said...

Button of the Month? I didn't know that's what you meant! Thanks! (also really glad I had to make one for FtLoB).

Of the other links, it looks like I have some new reading to do this weekend. So thanks!

handflapper said...

I see me! I've been so awful about commenting lately. And I need to update my blogroll. But you are definitely in my reader! Hugs and kisses to you and the gang!

Holly said...

Google Reader is my first site every morning too, well, either that or Facebook! :)