Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ear infections..

In the last 12 months, Logan has had 6 ear infections.

The last 3 have been since Christmas.

Things around here have been crazy to say the least.

On Thursday we have a appointment to have him evaluated for tubes. The fact that he has had 3 in a row scares the crap out of me.

The 104 fevers don't help either.

Lee and I wonder how much different things will be when the tubes go in. Will he talk more? Will he maybe walk more than 3 steps without falling?

For the love of God will he start sleeping all night again?!

It's so hard watching him hurt and not really being able to help.

I will say I took full advantage of the snuggles he gave me, including a nap in the bed with us.


So for now, we will continue antibiotics and allergy meds.

And playing on our bean bag chair:

A rare smile on Saturday during the wrath of a doosey of an ear infection.



brianandhilary620 said...

Hopefully he will start walking some more! My cousin's son didn't start walking until he was 17 months old. The day he got his tubes in was the day he started walking! The constant fluid and infection in the ears can definitely cause balance issues.

Regardless, I'm sure things will get easier for you guys after that. We're thinking of you!

Joshua said...

The Boy had this same problem from 5 months to 1 year. Just kept getting them. Make sure they are positive that it's not the same ear infection just flaring back up. That's what happened with my boy; the antibiotics ran their course but the infection was more aggressive than they initially thought, so what seemed like multiple infections turned out to be the same infection for 6 months.

Em S said...

OH man, that is tough...the sleepless nights, the pain, and the temps...We didn't have any December we had one, and then we just finished antibiotics on Sunday for a second one. I feel so bad...but as for the tubes, I had a niece get them, and for her it was like night and day, she was a completely different child once she got her tubes in.

Amber said...

Poor Guy! Tubes will help tremendously I hope but you will be fighting the swimming pool water in the ears battle this summer!