Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm afraid of...

The Big. Bad. Wolf.

No seriously, I am.

When I was little, my Dad wasn't really into censorship. He took me to see Die Hard when I was 7 at the theater. He went to a friends house around the corner and left Basic Instinct in the VCR (remember those?!)

Whoops. I learned a lot watching that movie..

I will never forget the time he let me watch Silver Bullet.

He has always been an avid Stephen King fan. Reads every book. When I was little, King was notorious for some scary shit. I mean, a CLOWN that lives under the street?

*excuse me. I am feeling verclempt. talk amongst yourselves...*

So when Silver Bullet was out on video, he sure wanted to watch it. And there I was right beside him.

Glued to the tv and terrified at the same time.

The interesting thing about this poster is that.. it was a long long time ago but I think this werewolf is far freakier looking than some of the modern day ones.

So from what I remember, some dude is a wolf by night and is a mean mofo. He kills pigs and people and is generally not well received by the town folk.

Then comes along our favorite 80's kid:

Cory Haim.

He figures out who the bad guy is and takes him down, all while cruising around town on his scooter called, Silver Bullet.
How YOU doin?
After I watched this movie, I was terrified for MONTHS. There was a branch that was outside my window and when it was windy I would flip out. Finally my mom was so curious as to my sudden fright of night beasts, she asked my dad what was up. She wasn't happy.

They even had to trim the tree down and hang blankets in front of my window.

Ever since, I have always been afraid of things that go bump in the night.

While I am sure it was the freaky wolf man that scared me, I wonder if this scared me more:
Gary Busey

Because that is not for the feint of heart.

What are you afraid of?



Em S said...

Clowns...thanks to Stephen King and my father.

Joshua said...

Your dad and my dad are the same. I watched Predator with him when I was 7. Loved it. I've never seen Silver Bullet, though. Fears? Losing my kids. And bees.

Donald said...

Forgot that Gary Busey was in it - that alone *could* be the scariest element!

Other than that, as a Stephen King fan, am going to say that it was one of my least-favorite books and movies. :/

We could try "It" instead, if you want! ;)

Amanda said...

My parents were very careful with what we watched. BUT, one day we visited a friend of theirs, a priest. I was seven years old and my brother five and that priest put on Raiders of the Lost Ark for us. To this day, I have that scene of the mans face melting and his eyeballs falling out etched into my memory!