Thursday, February 23, 2012

Product of the Week

Remember when you were pregnant and you saw someone out in public letting their baby play on the iphone and said "oh I am NOT going to let that happen."

How do those words taste now? Because you all know you have done it.

Lee and I don't so much mind Logan playing on our phones, but it's the drool and potential damage issue to deal with.

I turned to my dear friend Amazon and picked up this:

This RULES. It has shock absorbancy built in as well as a cover so drool and sticky fingers don't touch your actual screen. There is an extra film over the home button so baby stays put right on the app you chose when you put it in the case.

Now, when we got an iPad, we had full intentions of it being something Logan can play on, watch movies on, etc. I found out they make one for the iPad too!

I will be picking one of these up before our next road trip for sure.

Until then, I will just keep reading magazines on it :)

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Laura (Home Address) said...

I ran a few child user testing sessions for our iPhone/iPad games. Pro tip for when he's a little older: stick a binder clip (or something similar) over the Home button.

Kids don't have the dexterity or hand strength to remove it. It doesn't scratch your device. Best of all, kids stay in the safe app instead of wandering into your bank account!

This works up until a kid can use scissors. After that, you're on your own.

Amber said...

I love these, it's been a matter of time before someone got smart and put this on the market! I'm totally getting the iPad holder