Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Adventures

This weekend was very busy for us. Friday night I venture out with Tiffani for Mom Hour at Mad Potter. I can't show you what I made yet because it's a surprise for Lee. I will post the finished product when I get it back... We had loads of fun and I needed the girl time for sure.

Logan was up and down Friday night so we got to "sleep in" until 7:30am since we were so tired. Come to find out he had "upset stomach" so his diaper was atrocious.
This lead to the worst diaper rash this kid has ever had.


We battled it all day, on top of getting a hair cut (his 3rd!) and a new baby monitor. His crapped out on us and now we have a super cool one that you can even move the camera if you need a better angle - from the handheld! Sorry, I am a geek...

After his nap we hit White Oak Bayou for some bluebonnet photos...

Looks like someone is going to be blonde like his momma!

After that we went to Grandma's for dinner.

Sunday we went shopping for a new hat for dad and new shoes for Logan. He ended up with some fancy schmancy shoes for Easter (but really, for all the time).

Honestly, I only spent as much as I did because they velcro. Putting Logan in a modified head lock to tie his shoes every day is not on my list of favorite things.


I spent the rest of Sunday in the kitchen during Logan's nap cooking for the week. You can read about that over at Sticks To Your Ribs (oh yeah, remember that site? sorry....)

I hope you all had a great weekend too!



Jessi said...

What monitor did you buy? I've been looking for a video monitor.

Breann said...

Jessi - We went with this one. It's great!

Joshua said...

That is a great picture of you two. And those are some excellent kicks.

Amber said...

Girl I'm with you, there is not price tag when it comes to velcro!

Kiki said...

Great photo! Logan is a cutie. And those shoes are adorable!!!